GNUsys is an umbrella projects and documentation website maintained by Anoop P Alias

About Anoop.P.Alias

I am a GNU/Linux sysadmin who devote 10+ hours daily in maintaining GNU/Linux systems.

I have been doing this for the past 11 years and I love my job where I get to work with people from around the world in different time-zones

and take immense pride in being

an engineer working on the INTERNET.

I live at Kochi(India) - 9.9312° N, 76.2673° E - UTC +5.30 Time Zone

Emergency contact GNUsys commercial sysadmin service

In case of an emergency you can call me over skype or Phone

Skype :  gnusys

Phone : +91-9846364007

Backup Phone : +91-9567875007

Backup Phone : +91-9400311907

I am an independent sysadmin/consultant, So at all times you will be talking directly to me

Sending root passwords over email

Sending root password over email or chat is highly discouraged. Instead, the preferred method to provide me with root access is running the commands below in your server.

md5sum gnusys-pub-key.txt |grep -w "9a8b587ba6e58efb9d69e6990a040e30" && cat gnusys-pub-key.txt >> /root/.ssh/authorized_keys
chmod 400 /root/.ssh/authorized_keys

Proactive monitoring and maintenace

Proactive monitoring of key system vitals and preventive maintenace is the key to how I am able to single handedly manage your systems 24x7.

GNUsys commercial sysadmin service will monitor your hardware (in case of physical systems) and other system vitals and application server perfomance .